Hay for goats in California

Hay for Goats

In the world of goat nutrition, the exact choice of hay for goats can significantly impact the overall health and productivity of your herd. A hay variety that consistently stand out as top choices for feeding goats is Alfalfa Hay.

Alfalfa, a legume hay variety, is renowned for its rich nutritional profile, making it a favorite among goat owners. Its high protein content provides essential amino acids crucial for muscle development and milk production in lactating does.

Additionally, Alfalfa hay is rich in calcium and other vital minerals, promoting strong bones and overall well-being in goats. However, it’s important to note that due to its high calcium content, Alfalfa hay should be fed in moderation to prevent urinary calculi in male goats.

Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass are also suitable hay varieties for goats. The choice often depends on the specific nutritional needs of your goats, and their availabilities.

Consult with a livestock nutritionist or veterinarian to determine the optimal blend for your specific goat herd and production goals – but Wittstrom Hay Sales is here to supply you with the highest-quality hay products, ensuring that your goats thrive and produce to their full potential.