Timothy hay for sale in California

Timothy Hay for Sale

Welcome to Wittstrom Hay Sales, your premier supplier of high-quality Timothy hay.

This type of hay is renowned for its high fiber and low protein content, making it an excellent choice for horses, but in particular for working and performance horses. Due to its good balance of nutrients, Timothy hay is particularly beneficial for animals with specific dietary needs, such as those prone to laminitis or obesity.

Our Timothy hay is harvested at the peak of its nutritional value, ensuring your animals receive the best possible feed. It’s then carefully dried and stored to preserve its premium quality and nutritional content.

At Wittstrom Hay Sales, we’re committed to providing the best for your animals. Our hay is grown with care, harvested with precision, and delivered with your livestock’s health in mind.

Choose Wittstrom Hay Sales for all your Timothy hay and Timothy cube needs. We’re dedicated to delivering the best for your livestock.