Hay for Sheep in California

Hay for Sheep

When it comes to nurturing a thriving flock of sheep, selecting the right hay varieties for their diet is an essential consideration. A top choice in the world of sheep nutrition is Timothy Hay.

Timothy, with its fine, soft blades and a delicate aroma, has earned its place as a staple in sheep farming. This cool-season grass hay boasts a balanced nutritional profile, offering the ideal blend of fiber, protein, and essential nutrients to keep your sheep in optimal condition.

Its high fiber content aids in maintaining proper digestion, reducing the risk of bloat and digestive disorders. Additionally, Timothy Hay’s natural abrasiveness helps promote dental health by keeping your sheep’s teeth naturally worn down.

Other hay varieties that can be fee to sheep include Alfalfa Hay – a suitable choice for ewes during late pregnancy and lactation when they require extra nutrition. However, it should be fed in moderation to prevent urinary calculi in male sheep and excessive weight gain in ewes.

Orchard Grass Hay, known for its fine texture and balanced nutritional content, can also be an excellent choice for maintaining digestive health in sheep due to its high fiber content.

By providing you with these high-quality hay varieties, Wittstrom Hay Sales helps to ensure that your sheep receive the nutrition they need to thrive and produce quality wool or meat.