Performance horses like race horses need high energy hay
Performance horses like this barrel racer need a high-calorie hay variety.

Performance Horse Feed

A performance horse is engaged in regular, highly physical activities like running, jumping, turning, pulling or carrying a load. The most important aspect of feeding performance horses is to consistently provide good quality feed, together with ample fresh water, at the same times each day. The feed must contain enough calories and energy to maintain a working weight.

Wittstrom Hay Sales is specialized in supplying premium hay to the thoroughbred racing industry, training facilities, and large horse stables.

We supply these excellent performance horse feed options:

  • Timothy Hay: fiber-rich and low in protein, this hay (and its cube equivalent) is an exceptional choice for race horses. Keep it constantly available for your horse to promote even and sufficient calorie intake.
  • Orchard Grass: High in protein, with balanced calcium and phosphorus, this palatable hay is a favorite of choosy performance horses. This assures your animals gets the calories they need to perform at the top of their game.
  • Alfalfa Hay: nutrient-dense and a great source of quality protein, this hay variety is a particularly effective fuel for your high energy horse. Alfalfa cubes make for easy feeding and storage, ensuring your animal receives optimal nutrition, all day.

Other hays, like Oat Hay for example, can also be a good choice for feeding your performance horse – be sure to consult with your veterinarian for a health analysis and recommendations on the optimal feeding hay.

Wittstrom Hay Sales is your partner in keeping your race, rodeo, and work horses healthy and performing at their peak.