Leaders in Hay Services

Experience the difference with Wittstrom Hay Sales, a leading name in the hay brokerage & delivery industry.

Rooted near Paso Robles, Central California, we have grown to serve the nation with our exceptional hay products. We pride ourselves on our ability to source high-quality grasses – including orchard grass, timothy, and orchard/alfalfa mixes – and deliver them efficiently and hassle-free to our valued customers.

We offer comprehensive hay delivery, trucking, and squeeze rentals, ensuring a seamless, hands-off experience for our clients. Our innovative approach of using dry vans instead of hay trucks allows us to put an array of hay products on a single truck, saving both space and money.

With Wittstrom Hay Sales, you’re not just getting a product – you’re getting a service that’s been refined over decades.

Wittstrom hay Squeeze Rental