Erosion control straw on a field

Erosion Control Straw For Sale

Protect your land from the damaging effects of soil deterioration with our Erosion Control Straw.

Our straw bales are an effective and natural solution to erosion, helping to stabilize slopes, protect newly seeded areas, and control dust. They act as a barrier, slowing down water runoff and allowing the soil to absorb more water, thereby reducing soil displacement.

Made from high-quality, clean straw, our bales are free from weeds and other unwanted seeds, ensuring that your land remains pristine and fertile.

Choosing Wittstrom Hay Sales for your erosion control needs means choosing quality, reliability, and excellent customer service. We understand the importance of timely delivery in erosion control projects, and we are committed to providing prompt and efficient service.

Our straw bales are competitively priced without compromising on quality, making us a trusted choice for farms, landscaping, and construction alike.