Hay for Horses

Hay for Horses

Choosing the right type of hay for horses is crucial to your animal’s long-term health and well-being.

Wittstrom Hay Sales offers a variety of options to cater to your horses’ specific needs.

  • Alfalfa Hay is known for its nutrient-dense, high protein content. It typically includes more digestible energy, more crude protein and calcium, and fewer non-structural carbohydrates (sugars and starches). This makes it a great choice for young, growing animals, pregnant and lactating mares, and high-performance horses. For easy feeding and storage, we also offer a variety of Alfalfa Cubes.
  • Prized for its soft, leafy texture and pleasing smell, Orchard Grass is one of the highest-quality grasses. It’s favored by horses due to its high nutrient content, and is particularly beneficial for insulin-resistant animals. Lower protein and calorie than Alfalfa, it can help prevent gastrointestinal issues, and promotes proper gut motility.
  • Our nutrient-rich Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix combines the high protein of alfalfa with the digestible fiber of orchard grass. It provides a balanced diet for good muscle development and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Timothy Hay is a traditionally popular choice among horse owners. Rich in fiber, moderate in protein and low in calories, this hay grass promotes healthy digestion and weight management in horses. The Timothy Hay Cube adds convenience and compact storage to its already strong benefits.
  • Older or less-active horses often prefer an Oat Hay. It’s low in sugar and high in fiber, and horses that are overweight, sensitive to carbohydrates, or have ulcers often benefit from this type of forage. Late pregnancy or lactating mares, and breeding stallions are also good candidates for oat hay.
  • Made up of Alfalfa, Clover, Ryegrass and Timothy Hay, our Forage Hay Mix blends the benefits of all the various grass types for a well-rounded diet. It promotes digestion, milk production and an overall sense of well-being for your horses.

When you choose Wittstrom, you’re not just buying hay – you’re investing in your horses’ health and happiness. Experience the Wittstrom difference today and give your horses the nutrition they deserve.